Advice, solution, design...

If you need advice about your residential or commercial space,
3D platform is there for you.
Call us to create together the best solution, regardless of the type and scope of works. For us no job is too big or too small.

3D platform has been licensed for designing and preparing technical documentation necessary for obtaining construction and use permits. We are ready to cooperate in all phases of work - from conceptual solution to construction project - regardless of whether it comes to new buildings, alterations or reconstruction of existing ones.

We are able to conceptual solutions and adopted projects model as 3d objects in virtual space, in accordance with the architectural concept and design style. Each of the projects can be attractively presented by photorealistic renders and animations, which lead you through the space of the object, according to your needs and preferences.

3D modeling and animation are our passion.



With our knowledge and skill of 3D modeling,
you will be able to look your idea more realistic.
Your idea is our task.

We will enable you to easier comprehend your idea.
We will make a perfect 3D model for you.



You want a more beautiful and more comfortable space for you and your family or your associates.
We will design for you a functional, unique residential and commercial space.

Provide yourself a stylish, professionally designed space in creation of which, you will participate together with us.
In addition to the function, important characteristics of a successfully designed space are materials, color and light.



Expertise is required in order to realize a complex idea. The form follows function, and we will design a facility in accordance with your preferences and needs.

Creation of a functional modern building is a kind of art that is followed besides the functions also by form, materials, color and light.